Monkeys in Costa Rica

Capuchin monkey

The capuchin monkey is known from various movies, shows and circuses. This kind of monkey can be found almost everywhere in costa rica. They are small and very clever monkeys. Do not feed this monkeys or let your stuff lay around somewhere. If you do not watch your belongings, these little monkeys will steal your bags and food. It has been observed, that some monkeys will try to get your attention while another one will try to steal your food while your are distracted by the other monkeys.

capuchin monkey cute
A cute little capuchin monkey

But on the other hand they are very cute little monkeys and they are incredible intelligent animals. Have a look at this video:
This was clipped out of recent TED talk given by Frans de Waal regarding moral behavior in animals. In a nut shell we get to observe reaction and response of two Capuchin monkey when they receive different reward for same type of work.

There are a lot capuchin monkeys at Manuel Antonio National Park, especially at the main beach.

capuchin monkey manuel antonio
Capuchin monkey in manuel antonio

Howler Monkeys

This is a kind of monkey you will probably not see very often but you will hear it. The howler monkeys are living high up in the trees. They start howling in the morning and continue for the whole day. It is like an alarm clock to wake up. 

These monkeys sound very dangerous and aggressive, but as long as you will leave them alone they are peaceful monkeys. After a few days you get used to the sound of howler monkeys in the trees. On the image you can see one of them sleeping with its baby. The image is taken in Manuel Antonio National Park. In Cahuita we could hear and see a group of howler monkeys right next to our hotel  inside a big tree.

howler monkey costa rica
A howler monkey in Manuel Antonio National Park

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