Hotel Casa Valeria in Samara Costa Rica

casa valeria in samara
Me chilling in front of my beach cabin at Casa Valeria in Samara


Casa Valeria in Samara is located directly at the famous Samara beach. It offers different cabins for backpackers or "normal" tourists. The cabins are clean and equiped with a fan (some of them even air condition) and a warm shower. There are multiple hammocks tied to the palms where you can hang, chill and watch the surfers on the beach. You can also get free coffee through the whole day. Valeria is a very relaxed person who will try everything to make you a pleasant visit. We drove to samara right after visiting hacienda guachipelin.

casa valeria samara view
My view from my hammock at samara beach
Casa Valeria is a place where you can chill after a few days travelling through costa rica and visiting all the national parks and volcanos. Here you can just relax, enjoy the sun and the beach. This is not a normal hotel in costa rica, cause it is mainly cabins build on the beach. From time to time you can go to the nearby shop and get some cold beer. Check the map on the bottom for the locations.

cowboy playing with a dog at samara
A guy plays with his horse and a dog
The rooms are equiped with basic furniture and everything you need. The "rooom-service" will clean your cabins daily. This is good, because there will always get some sand inside your cabin. That is the "bad" side living on the bach. On the picture you can see our cabin from the inside.
casa valeria cabin samara
Simple & Clean: Casa Valeria
The whole day at Casa Valeria you will see a guy walking around, cleaning, sweeping and tidying up the stuff that occurs on the beach. He cannot speak english but he is a very friendly guy. Check out the huge crab he has found at the back of our cabin.
huge crab at samara beach
A huge crab at samara beach
Sadly there is no included breakfast at Casa Valeria, only free coffee. But you can get to the supermarket neaby (1-2 minutes), buy your stuff and cook it in the kitchen at Casa Valeria.
I don't like cooking in the morning, so we went to the "Sheriff" a soda nearby to get some real costa rica breakfast Gallo Pinto. On the map of the bottom I tried to mark the sport where sheriff is located.

the best breakfast of the world gallo pinto
Gallo Pinto at the soda sheriff in Samara
The last picture is dedicated to these interesting costa rica showers you will often see around in costa rica. There is normally no hot water available in costa rica, so people are using this kind of boiler or flow-type heater shower. It looks a little bit dangerous with the wires hanging around, but after three weeks in costa rica and showering unter several of these showers I can say they are safe.

costa rica shower
A typical shower in costa rica

Fresh Coconuts on the beach

If you want to get some fresh coconut juice, you can buy some fresh harvested coconuts directly at the beach. Check out this video of us watching how a guy climbed up the coconut trees and chopped off some coconuts. If you want to buy an machete, follow my guide about machetes.

How to get to Casa Valeria in Samara

The exact address is:  200 m Este Centro de Samara, de la Guardia Rural, S├ímara, Costa Rica

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