Traffic violations and fines in costa rica

costa rica arenal
Parked right in front of arenal
Driving your own vor rented car in costa rica can be great fun. You will see more of the country then while travelling by bus or even airplane.But you have to keep in mind that costa rica very strict traffic laws and quite high traffic fines for breaking these laws.

These are the best Tipps for driving your car in Costa Rica:

Always obey the speed limit:
Using a GPS navigation can give you a small advantage. The included maps mostly contain the allowed speed limit for your current road limit so your GPS can warn you in case you are to fast.

Drive friendly:
Most ticos are relaxed and chilled drivers. They will give you yield even if they could drive. Try to drive as friendly like them.

costa rica bad  road
On a road like this you should
keep your distance and drive slowly
Do not try to cross big rivers
Crossing Rivers with a 4wd can be great fun. But you should always double check the depth before crossing it. If you are unsure about it ask some locals nearby. When these locals tell you not to cross that river, dont do it. Most car insurances in Costa Rica do not cover costs for a failed river crossing.
costa rica safety belt
This driver is safe, cause he wears a safety belt
Always keep your eyes on the road
The main roads in costs rica are good to drive but the side roads are full of pot holes. Always watch the road cause these pot holes appear out of nowhere.
Take some double care of the dogs. Dogs in costa rica will sleep or play on the road no matter if a car is approaching or not. Always slow down when you see a dog on the road. Even if you are approaching a dog with your car they won't run away as you might think.

Current traffic laws and fines for costa rica
Here are the the current traffic laws and fines for costa rica. They might be outdated and even higher the time you read this. Please contact me if you have information that these information are outdated.
Traffic OffenseFine in ColonesLegal Basis
Making a "U" Turn280,000143 (f)
Driving Using Cell Phone94,000145 (n)
Speeding in Excess of 120 km / hr280,000143 (b)
Speeding 20 km / hr above the speed limit47,000146 (v)
Speeding 30 km / hr above the speed limit94,000145 (u)
Speeding 40 km / hr above the speed limit189,000144 (g)
Speeding in a school zone above 25 km / hr94,000145 (p)
Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol 0.20 to .050280,000143 (a) (ii)
Running a Red Traffic Light189,000144 (e)
Failure to Buckle the seat belt94,000145 (q)
Not having the vehicle inspection up to date17,000147 (n)
Foreigners driving without a local license after 3 months47,000146 (q)
Driving with an expired vehicle registration47,000146 (x)
Illegal Parking
47,000146 (n)

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